Étiqueté : Nam June Paik

Exposition : Nam June Paik, Tate Modern

Nam June Paik Tate Modern Jusqu’au 9 février 2020   Nam June Paik’s experimental, innovative, yet playful work has had a profound influence on today’s art and culture. He pioneered the use of TV and video in art and coined the phrase ‘electronic superhighway’ to predict the future of communication in the...

Exposition : Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot, Asia Society Museum, 2 janvier 2015

  Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot Asia Society Museum 5 septembre 2014-2 janvier 2015   Nam June Paik (1932–2006) was a visionary artist, thinker, and innovator. Considered the “father of video art,” his groundbreaking use of video technology blurred past distinctions between science, fine art, and popular culture to create...

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