Colloque : « Asiatic Traditional Painting, Its History and Conservation »,18-19 octobre 2013


« Asiatic Traditional Painting, Its History and Conservation »

The 4th Heritage Conference National Maritime Museum Greenwich, UK

18-19 October 2013


Day 1  Friday 18th Oct 2013

14.50pm-15.25pm Talk 6 New thoughts about Korean traditional paintings lining methods


Mee Jung Kim, British Museum


15.30pm-16.10pm Talk 7 Amitabha Belief and Paintings in EastAsia阿弥陀佛的信念与东亚绘画 Young Sook Pak

朴英淑, 倫敦大學亞非學院


The 4th Heritage Conference has an internationally renowned line up of speakers and a programme of never–before-seen conservation demonstrations that focuses on Asiatic pictorial art and the conservation of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Asiatic pictorial art, especially Chinese painting and calligraphy, has long been an important component of collections yet this heritage is heavily reliant upon conservation and the consequent understanding of historical research, materials, painting techniques and repairing methods.

Speakers from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea will discuss paintings and the communication between these countries over the centuries. They will explore the influence of different traditions on each another and how local styles of decoration and conservation techniques evolved.

Over two days, experts from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Europe will present talks and a programme of three technical demonstrations making this conference a once only opportunity for those in or training for the conservation, curatorial and museum management sectors.

Join us and your colleagues at the National Maritime Museum for this unique conference and take your part in addressing important conservation and historical topics in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Information:, or

telephone: +44(0)79 2199 59


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