Symposium : « East Asian Gardens as Social Spaces », 28 septembre 2013

Symposium: « East Asian Gardens as Social Spaces »

Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
San Marino, CA

28 September 2013 


This symposium will examine how gardens, both private and imperial, were viewed and used in China, Korea, and Japan. The term « garden » connotes, among many things, shelter, ownership, mental and physical sustenance, and nature’s beauty. In all three countries, gardens were gathering places for the imperial family, literati, scholar officials, poets, musicians, and performers. Gardens were enclaves of intellectual and political retreat, book publishing and collecting, poetry, painting and calligraphy. The speakers will examine these different aspects and more in selected gardens, whether fictional or real, in China, Korea and Japan.

James P. Folsom (The Huntington) and T. June Li (The Huntington), Welcome

Key Note Speaker
Craig Clunas (University of Oxford), « Looking at Painting in the Ming Garden »

Morning Session
Moderator: Yang Ye (University of California, Riverside)
– Dore J. Levy (Brown University), « Vignettism and Garden Aesthetics in The Story of the Stone »
– Tobie Meyer-Fong (Johns Hopkins University), « Gardens as Sites of Loss and Remembrance in China’s 19th Century Civil War »

Afternoon Session
Moderator: Burglind Jungmann (University of California, Los Angeles)
– Jiyeon Kim (Ulsan University), « Perfect Boundaries?: Joseon Scholars’ Gatherings in Mountain Pavilions »
– Seiko Goto (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), « Koishikawa Korakuen: its Meaning and Usage » 


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