Exposition : « A Painter’s Life: Kang Sehwang and Literati Culture », Musée national de Corée, Séoul

Exposition : « A Painter’s Life: Kang Sehwang and Literati Culture in the 18th Century »

강세황—예술로 꽃피운 조선 지식인의 삶


Musée national de Corée, Séoul

11 juin-11 août 2013

Présentation de l’exposition :
The 18th century was a time of social dynamics and political stabilities. Intellectuals were able to broaden their views with new impression of life, revealing their imagination in various fields.

Kang Sehwang 강세황  姜世晃  (1713-1791), a literati painter active in 18th century of Joseon dynasty, was a representative intellectual, and also was the important artists among many innovative cultural figures of his time. Kang Sehwang not only established his own artistic identity, but also planted seed for the next generation. Kang Sehwang was also a well-known art critic with an extensive knowledge and genuine connoisseurship, which allowed him to interact with people from diverse social group – from the King and royal family of Joseon down to the low-ranking court painters. Sharing the artistic idea and the spirit of the age, Kang Sehwang and other artist were able to create a new cultural stream.


This great artist who led the art world in the 18th century will be explored in-depth in the special exhibition of National Museum of Korea. The exhibition will feature a number of Kang’s painting with various subjects as well as his calligraphy. Artworks from his fellow artist, which contain Kang’s inscription or colophon commenting the work, will also be included. This special exhibition of NMK titled A Painter’s Life: Kang Sehwang and Literati Culture in the 18th Century will provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the 18th-century artworld called “the Renaissance Age of Joseon.”


Im Huisu 임희수 (1733-1750), Portrait de Kang Sehwang, feuille de l’Album de portraits, encre et couleurs sur papier, L. 15 cm, Musée national de Corée


Kang Sehwang, Entrée de Yeongtongdong영통동 입구, feuille 7 de l’album « Voyage à Songdo »송도기행첩, c.1757, encre et couleurs sur papier, H. 32.8cm, L. 53.4cm, Musée national de Corée



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