Artistic Production and Circulation of Objects in Northern Asia (China, Korea), 1st–7th Centuries AD, 9–11 July 2019

ERASMUS STA program: Artistic Production and Circulation of Objects in Northern Asia (China, Korea), 1st–7th Centuries AD


ERASMUS + Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment (STA) Program  

at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

9–11 July 2019

Dr. Ariane Perrin

Catholic University of Paris



Tuesday 9 July 2019, 24 PM: Kaulbachstraße 53, E03

Course 1: Epitaphe als historische Quellen (Epitaphs as historical sources) (MA students)

Topic: Life and Death of a High Official in Northeast Asia: Study of the Funerary Inscription in the Painted Tomb at Tokhung-ni, Nampo, North Korea (AD 408)


Tuesday 9 July 2019, 46 PM: HG A119

Course 2: Vergrabene Geschichte: Das frühgeschichtliche und frühkaiserzeitliche China (Buried history: the history of Early China and early Chinese dynasties) (All students)

Topic: The Han Period Tombs of Lelang (108 BCAD 313) in North Korea and Early Lacquerware


Wednesday 10 July, 24 PM: Kaulbachstraße 53, E03

Course 3: Chinesische Grabungsberichte: Struktur, Inhalte und äußere Einflüsse (Chinese excavation reports: structure, contents and external influences) (MA students)

Topic: Buddhist Cosmological Worldview in the Koguryo Painted Tomb N°1 at Changchuan, Ji’an, Jilin Province, China (Analysis of excavation report)


Thursday 11 July, 24 PM: Kaulbachstraße 53, K01

Course 4: Einführung in die chinesische Kunst und Archäologie: das chinesische Mittelalter (Introduction to Chinese Art and Archaeology) (BA students)

Topic: Between Datong (China) and Kyongju (Korea) and Beyond: Production and Circulation of Glassware and Buddhist Statues, 4th7th Centuries AD


ERASMUS_program_July 2019

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