Global Perspectives on the Archaeology of Korea, Kyungpook National University

National Meeting of the Korean Archaeological Society  韓國考古學會 全國 大會 패널

Name of Panel: Global Perspectives on the Archaeology of Korea 

Kyungpook National University, Taegu

Global Plaza, room 203

Saturday November 3, 2018

Outside of Korea, the number of graduate students, young researchers, and established scholars who conduct research on Early Korea has never formally been assessed, but it numbers at least 50 individuals worldwide. Among these scholars, most work in the field of archaeology and many work in hybrid fields related to archaeology and material cultural studies, early and ancient history, art history, linguistics, and heritage studies. Many of these scholars look at the Korean peninsula in the context of Northeast Asia. The interest in Early Korea is a relatively recent phenomenon and partly has its origins in the efforts of the Early Korea Project at Harvard University (2006-2018). The new president of the KAS, Professor Lee Chungkyu of Yeungnam University, recognizes the necessity to continuously foster and support the scholarly interest in Korean archaeology and Early Korean studies outside of Korea. Lee and the KAS strongly encourage this effort to invite those from overseas along with those with native languages other than Korean to come and participate actively in the conference in what is perhaps the first effort to provide such a forum for scholarly communication by a scholarly society in Korea.

Organizers: KIM Jong-il (Seoul National University); Martin T. BALE (Yeungnam University)

Panel Time: Saturday November 3, 10:00 am

Direct participants (presenters):

  1. Chizuko T. ALLEN – University of Hawaii (美國 하와이 大學校) – Early Silla’s Royal Genealogies
  2. Gina L. BARNES – Durham University (英國 더럼大學校) and Sarah M. NELSON – University of Denver (美國 덴버 大學校) – Northeast Asian Beadstones: Problems of Identifications, Distributions, and Sourcing
  3. Ilona BAUSCH – Kokugakuin University Museum; Leiden University (고쿠가쿠인 大學校 博物 館; 네덜란드 레이던 大學校) – Adornment Practices in Neolithic Hunter-gatherer societies, as Seen from Chulmun and Jomon Burial Contexts
  4. Jack DAVEY – Academy of Korean Studies (韓國學中央硏究院) – Mortuary Variability and Cultural Difference in Proto-Three Kingdoms Korea
  5. Lauren GLOVER – University of Wisconsin-Madison (美國 위스콘신 大學校 매디슨) – The Rise of Imported Carnelian in Korea from 100CE-668CE
  6. James LANKTON – UCL Institute of Archaeology (英國 유니버시티 칼리지 런던 고고학연구소) – Roman Glass in Korea: What, When, Where and Why?
  7. Maksim STOYAKIN – National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (國立文化財硏究所) – A New Approach to the Study of the Bohai Fortified Settlements
  8. Oksana YANSHINA – Russian Academy of Sciences, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (러시아과학아카데미 표트르 대제 인류학과 민족지학 박물관) – The Earliest Pottery of Korea from the East Asian Perspectives
  9. Andrey ZAGORULKO – Russian State University for the Humanities (러시아 국립인문학대학교) – Нwajeonmin Agriculture: Opportunity for Ethnoarchaeological Approaches

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