Exposition : Lee Ungno (1904-1989) : En masse

Lee Ungno (1904-1989) : En masse

The Korea Society, NYC

Jusqu’au 10 août 2018


Lee Ungno (1904-1989) was among the most influential Asian contemporary painters of the twentieth century. Driven by a yearning for peace and unity amidst times of tumultuous violence, Lee conceived a contemporary form of art unique to Korean culture and history. As a member of the Parisian avant-garde, Lee introduced modern abstract art practices to the traditional forms of Korean art, creating a new style of contemporary painting tempered with Eastern ideologies. Deeply impassioned by the social movements of democratization in 1980s Korea, Lee’s “People” series aspired to illustrate the movement of the masses and their united march towards peace. His works from 1980 to his death in 1989 emphasize this recurring theme, with the image of crowds becoming a symbol of the rise of Korean people and democracy.


The Korea Society 
350 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor, NYC

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