Conférence : “Japan and Its margins : Okinawa, Hokkaidō, Taiwan and Korea”

Conférence de Mme UCHIDA Jun

“Japan and Its margins : Okinawa, Hokkaidō, Taiwan and Korea”

Le mardi 12 juin 2018, 14h-16h

EHESS, salle A07-51 (7e étage), 54 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris (à confirmer) 

Professeur UCHIDA Jun, de l’Université de Stanford, historienne du Japon et spécialiste de l’époque moderne sera directrice d’étude invitée à l’EHESS en juin 2018. Elle est l’auteure de Brokers of Empire: Japanese Settler Colonialism in Korea, 1876–1945 (Harvard University Asia Center, 2014).


This session is dedicated to discussion of a working draft of Chapter 2 for the new edition of The Cambridge History of Japan, Volume III: The Modern Japanese Nation and Empire (1876-2011), edited by Laura Hein. I am co-authoring this chapter with Prof. Asano Toyomi of Waseda University. This chapter examines Japan’s dual transformation into a modern nation-state and an empire, or a “nation-empire” (kokumin teikoku), from the late nineteenth century to end of the Asia-Pacific War. Departing from convention to treat Okinawa and Hokkaidō separately from colonial Taiwan and Korea, it examines all four territories within a unified analytical framework. Its central concern is to identify and highlight the common logic, ideologies, and practices that governed the acquisition and administration of these territories. By tracing the process of national integration (kokumin tōgō) from the metropole to its peripheries (commonly understood in terms of naichi enchō), the chapter aims to elucidate Japan’s co-production of nation and empire, a process quite distinct from the trajectory of Western powers. Yet rather than treating Japan as “an anomaly,” the essay traces its evolution as part of the global formation of empires, while raising key issues of comparative significance, from assimilation and collaboration to “colonial modernization. For a copy of the paper, please write


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