Colloque : The Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys (BUMA)  

The Ninth International Conference on the Begining of the Use of Metals and Alloys (BUMA-IX)

 International Center, Dong-A University, Busan

16-19 October 2017


Tuesday, October 17, 8:45~10:00

The Korean Bells – It’s design and Characteristics
*Hyung Yong Ra (Seoul National University), Sock Hyun Kim (Kangwon National University) and Dong Kyu Na (Hongik University) 

Numismatic and metallurgical analysis of Korean coins in The Ashmolean Museum  

*James B. Lewis, Lyce Jankowski and Yiu-Kang Hsu (University of Oxford) 


Tuesday, October 17, 12:00~12:45

Traits of Iron Making Process in Ancient Korea

*Nam Kyu Lee (Hanshin University)


Iron production and the function of the tuyère in Korea during the Three Kingdoms Period  

*Daeyoun Cho (Chonbuk National University) 


Tuesday, October 17, 15:45~17:00

Texture analysis to confirm the ancient craft metal wire manufacturing technology in AD 4th-5th century in Korea
Il Kwon Huh and Bo Bae Choi (Chuncheon National Museum), Hyo Tae Jeong (Gangneung-Wonju National University), *Dong-Ik Kim (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Nam Chul Cho (Kongu National University), Hyeong Sun Go (GangWon Research Institute of Cultural Properties) 


Wednesday, October 18, 16:00~16:45

Characterization of the early Iron-Production technologies in Chungju, Korea

*Eunwoo Lee (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) 



October 17 – October 18, 09:00~18:00

Reproduction of casting process for manufacturing of ancient metal type and analysis of the technology

Jea-Young Choi, Kwang Suk Son and *Chang Ock Choi (Dong-A University)


Smelting experiment on the 4th century Korean smelting furnace 

*Eunwoo Lee and Jisun Han (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) 


A study on the tuyeres used in the Korean ancient ironwork 

*Eunwoo Lee and Jisun Han (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) 


Structure and Operation Method of Ancient Iron Smelting Furnace in Korea 

*Kim Kwon Il (Shilla culture Institution) 


Metallurgical Analysis and Review of the Results of the 2nd Experimental Work on the Iron Smelting Furnace of Ancient Korea
*Gyung Hwan Shin (Kyungwon Tech-Metal Research Center) 


Analysis of a stirrup presented to the Korea Museum Non-Political Organization in Japan 

*Satoko Taguchi and Kazumi Mizumoto (Tokyo University of the Arts), Katsu Kobayashi and Kenji Inoue (Korea Museum Non-Political Organization), Fumiyoshi Kirino (Tokyo University of the Arts) 


Rivets used on forged high tin bronze bowls from Korea in the 12th-15th century 

*Hye Youn Lee (Naju National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage), Nam Chul Cho (Kongju National University) 


Material Characteristics for Bronze and Gilt Bronze Artifacts from Gameunsaji Site in Gyeongju, Korea 

*Nam Chul Cho (Kongju National University), Young Dong Jung (Research Institute of Silla Conservation Sciences), Hyung Tae Kang (SEC Co., Ltd.) 


Microstructural analysis on the bronze artifacts of early iron age in Korea using electron microscopy 

Ha-Young Kim and Yoon Seok Ko (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Mi Ra Choi (Kongju National University), Han-Jin Kim, *Jin-Yoo Suh, Dong-Ik Kim and Kyung-Tae Hong (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Nam Chul Cho (Kongju National University) 


Study on the Characteristics of remains through Analysis of Slag from Sinpung site in Wanju, Korea  

Nam Young Choi and *Nam Chul Cho (Kongju National University), Byoung Sun Kang (Honam Cultural property research center), Tae Cheon Rho (Chungnam National University) 


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