Nouvelles présentations des salles Choson et Empire de Corée


The “Three-Eyed Gun,” a relic from the Japanese Invasion into the Joseon Dynasty in 1592, features a unique shape. With its three holes, the gun allows firing three bullets at the same time. Back then, it was a product of cutting-edge technologies transferred from the military of the Ming Dynasty. The gun is a testimony to the fact that the Japanese invasion had a profound influence over the art of weaponry as well as the politics and economy of Joseon. The Three-Eyed Gun, which has been kept at the Gyeongju National Museum, will be displayed at the National Museum of Korea.


The National Museum of Korea has recently refurbished its permanent exhibition facilities, including the Joseon Room and Korean Empire Room. “The focus of the refurbishment work was to offer detailed historical contexts behind each of the museum pieces while presenting the stories of major events of the Joseon Dynasty and Korean Empire in a chronological order,” said an official of the museum. In other words, the remodeling was aimed at introducing important historical episodes that marked each epoch and explaining about how the Koreans responded to those events. (By Sang-Un Kim)

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