Symposium : Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Korea

Symposium : “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Korea”

Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies

27 avril 2017, 10h00-18h00

Lieu: Doe Library

Sponsor:  Center for Korean Studies (CKS)


Early Korea is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand human society on the Korean peninsula in ancient times, make the case for the relevance of the region to world history and archaeology, and critically appraise how ancient history is used in the present to foster notions of Korean identity. It has great potential as a case study for approaching broader topics in archaeology and history like state formation, cultural contact, technological development, social and political stratification, and urbanization. It draws together a number of traditional disciplines such as history, archaeology, art history, and linguistics and demands engagement with diverse methodologies and evidence.

There are two factors that have been limiting the field so far. First, interpretation is constrained by adherence to a small number of problematic textual sources, and engagement with non-historical, non-archaeological methodologies has been limited. Second, the archaeological environment in South Korea encourages extreme regional specialization, and expertise and integrative studies that look more broadly are not prevalent. Compounding this, contemporary geo-nationalism and lack of critical appraisal of the concept of ‘Korea’ as a subjective analytical category has prevented peninsular data from being placed effectively into its East Asian and world archaeology context.

This conference addresses these problems by showcasing interesting, innovative approaches to society on the Korean peninsula in ancient times that transcend and break down these limiting categories and mindsets. Younger scholars working on peninsular material from a historical, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, paleo-environmental, or other framework will have an opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from peers and senior scholars. The conference is also designed to bring scholars not working on Korean material into the discussion as well as draw attention to recent political developments in Korea that have had a significant impact on the academic freedom and future sustainability of the field of Early Korea.


Le programme du symposium est disponible ici.

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