Appel à contributions : Nouvelle revue « Asian Archaeology »

Asian Archaeology is an annual journal that is sponsored by Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology (RCCFA), Jilin University (the Key Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences granted by the Ministry of education, PRC). The first issue will be published in 2012.


Asian Archaeology is an academic English journal that publishes original papers on the new discoveries, achievements and viewpoints of Chinese Archaeology, also concerning the new discoveries and research of other parts of Asian and Oceanian areas, mainly for overseas scholars.


Asian Archaeology will draw up the four columns or theses as follows:

1) Chinese Archaeology. It includes reports and research of new archaeological materials in Chinese Archaeology.

2) Asian Archaeology. It includes the new discoveries and research of other parts of Asian and Oceanian areas.

3) Archaeological sciences. It includes new archaeological methods, theories, and practice on various subdisciplines of, archaeological sciences, including Archaeometry, Zooarchaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Physical Anthropology, Environmental Archaeology, Molecular Archaeology, Biochemical Archaeology, and so on.

4) Newsletters. It includes the important new discoveries of China and other parts of Asia.


We accept English manuscripts that are about 8,000 to 10,000 words in length (including figures and references). A manuscript should be prepared with an abstract (about 600 words), a list of five keywords and a brief introduction of authors. The Manuscripts are contributed by bidirectional Anonymous Paper Reviewing System. If the manuscript is printed, author will be presented five sample journals and copyright royalties.



E-mail for Submission:  

Correspondence should be addressed: Nan Feng

Address of the editorial office: Research Center for Chinese Frontier Archaeology (RCCFA), Jilin University (No.244, Kuangyaming Building, Qianwei Campus),

No.2699, Qianjin Avenue, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China


Asian Archaeology Guidelines for Authors.


The Editorial Board of Asian Archaeology


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