Une tombe du royaume de Paekche découverte à Séoul

Aerial view of the excavated tomb complex [Credit: The Dong-A Ilbo].

Aerial view of the excavated tomb complex [Credit: The Dong-A Ilbo].

An ancient tomb of the Baekje Dynasty was found in Seokchon-dong in Seoul. The tomb reportedly consists of the largest number of smaller stone mound tombs ever found in Korea as at least 10 individual stone mound tombs are located closely or connected to each other. Together with the tomb, the excavation team also found a site possibly used as a mortuary hall where the corpse was contained before the burial.

The Seoul Baekje Museum said Tuesday (n.d.e. 29/11/2016) that the excavation team has verified a historical site, where more than 10 stone mound tombs are located, between the existing tomb No. 1 and tomb No. 2. The excavation project stated October last year after some stone alignments and historical relics were unexpectedly discovered during an investigation on the cause of sinkhole in the district. (By Sang-Un Kim)

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