Ouvrage : Recent Advances in the Scientific Research on Ancient Glass and Glaze



Recent Advances in the Scientific Research on Ancient Glass and Glaze

Singapore, World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016.


Editor-in-chief: Fuxi Gan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Edited by: Qinghui Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Julian Henderson (University of Nottingham, UK)

The aim of the book is to report the recent research development of ancient glass and glazing technology and the historical–cultural exchange of the East and West along the Silk and Steppe Roads. The contents of this book are dedicated to promote the exchanges between researchers in both social and scientific fields.

The scope of this book includes the new archaeological findings of ancient glass and faience in the world, the relationship of glassmaking with glazing technology, the development and application of modern techniques used for the characterization of ancient glass and glaze, compound colorants/opacifiers among ancient glass, the early exchanges of culture and techniques used between China and elsewhere along the Silk and Steppe Roads, and so on.


  • The Ancient Glass Road: The Cultural and Technical Exchange of Chinese Glass and Faience with Outside China before the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.) (Fuxi Gan)
  • Glass Provenance along the Silk Road: The Use of Trace Element Analysis (J Henderson, S Chenery, J Kröger and E W Faber)
  • Travels of Glass Vessels along the Maritime Silk Road (Brigitte Borell)
  • Chemical Composition of Glass Beads Excavated from Kofun (ca. AD 2nd to 7th c.) in Western Japan by Portable XRF Showing Glass Trade among Asian Countries (Izumi Nakai and Junko Shirataki)
  • Potash Glass: A View from South and Southeast Asia (Laure Dussubieux)
  • Archaeological and Technical Study of Western Han Dynasty Lead Barium Glass Chimes (Bian Qing) Unearthed from the Jiangdu King’s Mausoleum (Qinghui Li, Zebin Li and Donghong Gu)
  • Study of Byodoin Temple Glass: Discoveries in Japan of Small, Free-Blown Glass Vessels with Lids from the Byodoin Temple and Other Sites from the Heian Period (794–1192) (Akiko Inoue, Junko Shirataki and Izumi Nakai)
  • Chemical Analysis of Tang Dynasty Glass Vessels Unearthed from the Underground Palace of the Famen Temple Using a Portable XRF Spectrometer(Qinghui Li, Jie Jiang, Xinling Li, Song Liu, Donghong Gu, Julian Henderson and Junqing Dong)
  • Chemical and Lead Isotope Analysis of Glass Wares Found in Lijiaba Site, Yunyang County, Chongqing City (Jianfeng Cui, Deyun Zhao, Wei Huang and Yuanhong He)
  • Scientific Analysis of a Glass Vessel and an Eye Bead from the Zhagunluke and the Shanpula Sites from the Overland Southern Line of the Silk Road (Qian Cheng, Jinlong Guo, Bo Wang and Jianfeng Cui)
  • Early Byzantine Glass Supply and Consumption: The Case of Dichin, Bulgaria(Thomas Smith, Julian Henderson and Edward W Faber)
  • Glass Corrosion: Issues and Approaches for Archaeological Science (Nikolaos Zacharias and Eleni Palamara)
  • Raman Identification of Glassy Matrices in Ancient Glasses from China (Hongxia Zhao and Qinghui Li)
  • Scientific Analysis of Ancient Glass: Answering the Questions and Questioning the Answers (J W Lankton, B Gratuze, K Tantrakarn, Q H Li and S Liu)
  • Scientific Research on the Earliest Chinese Glazed Pottery (Junqing Dong, Fuxi Gan, Xiaowei Xia, Qinghui Li, Song Liu and Donghong Gu)
  • A Study of the Diverse Origins and Primary Development of Chinese High Temperature Porcelain Glazes (Juan Wu, Maolin Zhang, Junming Wu, Qijiang Li, Jiazhi Li and Zequn Deng)
  • Tracing the Origin and Evolution of White Porcelain in Ancient China (Weidong Li, Xiaoke Lu,, Hongjie Luo, Zhiwen Zhao and Xinmin Sun)
  • A New Method of Identifying the Flux in Ancient Chinese High Fired Glaze — Sr Isotopic Composition Analysis (Hongjiao Ma, Julian Henderson and Jane Evans)
  • Research on Glaze-Coloring Mechanism of the Light Sky-blue Series of Ancient Jun Guan Porcelains using Modern Analysis Techniques (Guoxia Li, H W Sun, R W Li, X L Zhang, W J Zhao, W J Zhao, Y Yang, W Li and M M Cai)
  • Preliminary Studies Based on the Chemical Analysis of Colorful Glazed Pottery Unearthed from Tombs of Yue State at Hongshan Site (Xiaowei Xia, Qing Wang, Qinghui Li, Song Liu and Donghong Gu)
  • Characterization of the Ancient Glaze Used in Different Types of Ceramics from the Huangye Kiln Site in Gongyi County Using OCT Technique (Junqing Dong, Xin Yan, Qinghui Li, Musen Guo and Yongqing Hu)
  • Chemical Analysis of Ceramics Unearthed from the Huangye Kiln Site in Henan Province Using a Portable XRF Spectrometer (Song Liu, Yongqing Hu, Musen Guo, Dong Junqing and Qinghui Li)
  • Microstructure and Composition of Ancient Chinese Octagonal Sticks from the Warring States Period (475–221 B.C.)(Qinglin Ma, Zhiguo Zhang, David A Scott, Heinz Berke and Detlef Günther)
  • Chinese Blue and Chinese Purple in Copper Tinted Lead Barium Glass Produced During Firing Experiments (Ying Qin, Shicai Li, Xi Chen and Huang Huang)
  • A Study of Simulation of the Production Technology of Ancient Chinese Blue and Purple Faience During the Warring States, Qin and Han Dynasties (Mo Li, Julin Wang and Qinglin Ma)
  • Production Technology of Faience Beads from Peng State Cemetery, Shanxi Province, China (Zhou Gu, Jian Zhu, Yaoting Xie, Tiqiao Xiao, Changsui Wang and Yimin Yang)
  • Scientific Analysis of Natural Glasses (Fuxi Gan Hongxia Zhao and Zhenqi Xu)


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