Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEAS), 7-9 septembre 2016

SOAS conf

Joint East Asian Studies (JEAS)

7-9 septembre 2016


Russell Square, College Buildings, Londres


The Joint East Asian Studies (JEAS) conference is a triennial meeting held by the three academic associations representing East Asian Studies in the UK:



This conference provides a major venue for the dissemination of research on East Asian Studies in various disciplines for academics from both the UK and abroad. 


The conference is centred on five key themes:

  1. Aging and Demography
  2. Memory & History
  3. Identity
  4. Trans-Cultural Flows
  5. Geo-Politics


Papers on Korean art


-Panel 10: Transcultural flows in pre-modern Korea and Japan

Paper 1: Recording or worshipping the Stars: Pictorial Practice in Creating Constellation Images in the Early Modern Korea

Soyeon Kim (University of California, Los Angeles)



-Panel 17: Perspectives on pre-modern East Asian Coinage

Paper 1: East Asian coins – identity, organisation and modernisation

Dr. Helen Wang (British Museum)


Paper 2: Kutsuki Masatsuna’s collection of East Asian coins in the Ashmolean Museum

Dr. Lyce Jankowski (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford)  


Paper 3: Numismatic and metallurgical analysis of Korean coins in the Ashmolean Museum

Dr. James Lewis (University of Oxford)  


-Panel 35: Mapping and Photographing Memory: the Asia Pacific War

Paper 3: Picturing Half the Surface of the World: Imagery, Memory, and History of U.S. Military Camptowns in East Asia

Jung Joon Lee (Rhode Island School of Design)  


-Panel 54: Deconstructing Boundaries of Modern East Asian Art History: The Perception of Nihonga by Modern East Asian Artists

Paper 3: The Figure of the Peasant in Japanese and Korean Neo-Traditional Painting in the Early 20th Century

Nancy Lin (Harvard University)


-Panel 62: Trans-cultural flows in Korean Art, from nineteenth century to present

Paper 1: Transference: Japanese designs and aesthetics in late-Joseon porcelain

Soyoung Lee (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)  


Paper 2: Curiously Foreign: 19th-20th-century Korean Paintings

Eleanor Soo-Ah Hyun (The British Museum)   


Paper 3: Merging the past and the present in contemporary Korean art

Charlotte Horlyck (SOAS, University of London)


 -Panel 78: War, trauma and memory in East Asian cinema and literature

Paper 4: Art as Counter-Memory: Contemporary Lens-Based Art in East Asia

Nayun Jang (The Courtauld Institute of Art)

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