Exposition : “Contemporary North Korean Art: The Evolution of Socialist Realism”

Park Ryong, Farewell, 1997. Chosonhwa, 48.5 x 64 in. (North Korean)

Park Ryong, Farewell, 1997. Chosonhwa, 48.5 x 64 in. (North Korean)


Contemporary North Korean Art: The Evolution of Socialist Realism

June 18–August 14, 2016

The forms and structure of contemporary North Korean art, a central and highly developed dimension of the national culture, are largely unknown to the outside world. This exhibition, the first of its kind in the U.S., seeks to broaden understanding of North Korean art beyond stereotypes of propaganda and kitsch to show sophisticated and nuanced expressive achievements. It investigates previously unrevealed evidence of North Korean artistic experimentation and the evolution of Socialist Realism within this culturally homogeneous context. The works in the exhibition focus on the development of Chosonhwa, North Korea’s predominant painting medium that is revered as the nation’s most refined. The exhibition is curated by BG Muhn, artist and Professor at Georgetown University.


South Korean Art: Examining Life through Social Realities

June 18–August 14, 2016

Coinciding with the exhibition of North Korean art, Examining Life Through Social Realities documents and examines life and the social realities of people living on the Korean peninsula through the Realist paintings of ten South Korean contemporary artists. As explained by exhibition curator Gim Choe Eun-yeong, definitions of Realism have changed over time, but the Realism of South Korea closely approximates 19th century French Realist painter Gustave Courbet’s use of the term: to manifest artists’ perspectives of the world through expressive techniques and methods.

The ten contemporary artists featured in this exhibition are: Kang Hyung-koo, Yun Suk-nam, Kim Il-yong, Byun Dae-yong, Kong Sung-hun, Kim Ji-won Suh Yong-sun, Lee Eun-sil, Lee Jin-ju, and Hwang Jai-hyong.


18 June 2016, 5-6 pm: Gallery Talk with BG Muhn

American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center

Join Georgetown professor, artist, and curator BG Muhn for a tour of two exhibitions of North and South Korean contemporary art and a discussion on the impact of culture on the artistic style of each republic.


American University Museum

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

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