Exposition : « Buddhist Hanging Scroll at Bukjangsa Temple »

NMK pulhwa

Buddhist Hanging Scroll at Bukjangsa Temple – The Buddha listens to prayers

상주尙州 북장사北長寺 괘불掛佛 – 소원을 들어주는 부처

Musée national de Corée, Séoul

Jusqu’au 6 novembre 2016


The National Museum of Korea presents its thematic exhibition, entitled “Buddhist Hanging Scroll at Bukjangsa Temple: The Buddha listens to prayers” around the Buddha’s Birthday in 2016. The 11th display is part of the regular series that have shed light on the large Buddhist hanging paintings, Gwaebul, featured in the National Museum of Korea since 2006.

This Buddhist painting is one of the largest over 13 meters in height that was used for Buddhist rituals as well as “Ritual Ceremony to Pray for Rain (기우제, 祈雨祭).” Along with this hanging scroll, we showcase various other Buddhist paintings that depict scenes of answering the prayers, in the Buddhist Painting Room.

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