Publication : Current Perspectives on Korean Prehistory


Asian Perspectives, vol. 54, no. 1 (2015)

Special Issue: Current Perspectives on Korean Prehistory



Korean Prehistory: Current Perspectives
Christopher J. Bae and Bumcheol Kim

Recent Developments and Debates in Korean Prehistoric Archaeology
Seung-Og Kim

Potential Contributions of Korean Pleistocene Hominin Fossils to Palaeoanthropology: A View from Ryonggok Cave
Christopher J. Bae and Pierre Guyomarc’h

The Korean Early Palaeolithic: Patterns and Identities
Hyeong Woo Lee

Diversity of Lithic Assemblages and Evolution of Late Palaeolithic Culture in Korea
Chuntaek Seong

Sedentism, Settlements, and Radiocarbon Dates of Neolithic Korea
Sung-Mo Ahn, Jangsuk Kim, Jaehoon Hwang

Socioeconomic Development in the Bronze Age: Archaeological Understanding of the Transition from the Early to Middle Bronze Age, South Korea
Bumcheol Kim

Transition from the Prehistoric Age to the Historic Age: The Early Iron Age on the Korean Peninsula
Kisung Yi

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