Articles sur l’art de la laque aux époques Koryo et Choson



Nanhee Lee, “Angels and Peonies: A Goryeo Dynasty Incense Box with Mother-of-pearl Inlay”

Orientations, January-February 2016, vol. 47, number 1


The use of incense in ritual and ceremony was widespread in Korea’s Goryeo dynasty (918–1392), as attested by the numerous incense containers and other implements produced. Of these, cases and boxes in mother-of-pearl are particularly noteworthy. The use of mother-of-pearl reached a high level of sophistication in the Goryeo. With external pressure from the Liao (916–1125), Jin (1115–1234), and the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368), versions of the Tripitaka (Daejanggyeong) were carved to appeal for divine assistance in combatting invasions (the Kitan in 1011 and the Mongols in 1231). To contain the scriptures, mother-of-pearl sutra boxes were manufactured on a large scale. The technology was carried over into the making of incense boxes and cases, which were used for Buddhist and other rituals.



Soyoung Lee, “Dragon in Pursuit: A Notable Late Joseon Lacquer from the Metropolitan Museum”

Arts of Asia, November-December 2015, vol. 45, issue 6




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