Ouvrage : Korean History in Maps


Korean History in Maps
From Prehistory to the Twenty-First Century

Michael D. Shin, editor

Cambridge University Press, 2015


Korean History in Maps is a beautifully presented, full-color atlas covering all periods of Korean history from prehistoric times to the present day. It is the first atlas of its kind to be specifically designed for students in English-speaking countries. There is a map for each era in Korean history, showing every major kingdom or polity that existed on the Korean peninsula, and maps are also included for topics of additional historical interest, including each major war that took place.

In addition, the atlas contains chronologies, lists of monarchs, and overviews of the politics, economy, society, and culture for each era which are complemented by numerous photos and full color images of artifacts, paintings, and architectural structures. This fascinating historical atlas is a complete reference work and unique teaching tool for all scholars and students of Korean and East Asian history.


Table of Contents

Preface and acknowledgments
Korea today
Korea in Asia
3. The geography of the Korean peninsula
1. Prehistoric Korea
2. Joseon and early state formation
The three kingdoms period
4. The Northern and Southern states period
5. Goryeo
6. Joseon
7. The late nineteenth century
8. The Japanese occupation period
9. The liberation period and the Korean war
10. North Korea
11. South Korea
The Dok Island (Dokdo) issue
Chronology of the Dok Island issue
The sexagenary cycle


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