Exposition : Neolithic People: a New Life and a New Climate, 20 octobre 2015-31 janvier 2016


 Neolithic People: a New Life and a New Climate

신석기인, 새로운 환경에 적응하다

20 octobre 2015-31 janvier 2016

Musée national de Corée, Séoul


This exhibit aims to promote a better understanding of how Neolithic people actively adapted to rapid environmental change.
The exhibit consists of three parts. Part 1 features the fauna and flora of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, along with new tools that were developed in order to exploit these natural resources. Examined in Part 2 are the methods by which marine resources, which became more easily accessible in the warmer environment, were exploited in the Korean Neolithic. The new hunting techniques, and farming and animal domestication practices of this period are also explored. Part 3 provides the public with an opportunity to admire the burials and art works of the Neolithic, which were produced by people who had access to abundant natural resources and enjoyed a stable, settled lifestyle.

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