Appel à contributions : Asian Perspectives: The Journal for Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific

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Articles forthcoming in Volume 54, Number 1:

New Advances in Korean Prehistoric Archaeology: Introduction
Christopher Bae

Recent Developments and Debates in Korean Prehistoric Archaeology
Seung-og Kim

Potential Contributions of Korean Pleistocene Hominin Fossils to Paleoanthropology: A View from Ryonggok Cave
Christopher J. Bae and Pierre Guyomarc’h

The Korean Early Paleolithic: Patterns and Identities
Hyeong Woo Lee

Diversity of Lithic Assemblages and Evolution of Late Paleolithic Culture in Korea
Chuntaek Seong

Sedentism, Settlements, and Radiocarbon Dates of Neolithic Korea
Seungmo Ahn, Jangsuk Kim, and Jaehoon Hwang

Socioeconomic Development in the Bronze Age: Archeological Understanding of the Transition of Early to Middle Bronze Ages, South Korea
Bumcheol Kim

Transition from the Prehistoric Age to the Historic Age: The Early Iron Age on the Korean Peninsula
Ki Sung Yi


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