Exhibitions on Korean Culture in Sèvres





As part of a set of events celebrating Korean culture and relations between France and Korea, the Cité de la Céramique de Sèvres, an ASEMUS member, has recently opened an exhibition entitled “Corée Mania. Roman d’un voyageur” (Korea Mania. A Traveller’s Novel), which will be accessible in Sèvres, near Paris, until 20 July 2015.


The exhibition follows the life of diplomat Victor Collin de Plancy (1853-1922), France’s first consul to Korea. An avid art collector, Collin de Plancy’s accumulated books became part of the core of the Korean collection of France’s Bibliothèque Nationale, whereas his artworks became part of the Guimet Museum of Asian Art in Paris.


The exhibition enables visitors to discover Korea’s refined culture over the centuries, as well as to become familiar with late 19th century history in the region. Several china pieces, including items from the 1st century AD, as well as masterpieces such as an 18th century jar decorated with dragons, are presented. Other pieces include furniture, music instruments, everyday items, photographs, paintings and other documents, which allow visitors to discover Korea and its culture.


In connection with the exhibition, a conference on the life of Victor Collin de Plancy will be held at the University Library on Languages and Civilisations (BULAC) in Paris on 17 March.


The Cité de la Céramique de Sèvres will host another exhibition devoted to Korea in 2015. The work of contemporary artists Yik-Yung Kim, who bridges cultural heritage and contemporary creativity through china and stoneware; and Yeun-Kyung Kim, who works on glass, will be presented in a new exhibition starting in May.


In addition, an artist residency and a seminar on Celadon will also be held in the course of 2015.


Source: Asemus




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