Exposition : Nouvelles acquisitions du Musée national de Corée


Special Exhibition of New Aquisitions

신 소장품 특별공개-새롭게 선보이는 우리 문화재

Musée national de Corée, Séoul

Jusqu’au 30 novembre 2014


The National Museum of Korea recently accepted the donation of a mother-of-pearl-decorated Goryeo-Dynasty Buddhist sutra box. Lacquerware from the Goryeo Dynasty is renowned for its sophisticated technique and high artistic value, as well as for its rarity. The acquisition of this relic is particularly meaningful, since only about ten examples of Goryeo lacquerware have been confirmed worldwide.

This exhibition presents the lacquered sutra box and ten other objects carefully selected from cultural heritage items that have recently entered the collection of the museum by way of purchase or donation. Since the recovery of overseas Korean cultural heritage is currently drawing interest from a wider audience, this exhibition unveiling to the general public returned cultural relics carries special significance. This exhibition will provide an opportunity for viewers to appreciate the beauty of Korean masterpieces newly incorporated into the collection of the museum.


Source : Musée national de Corée, NMK


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