Rencontre : Dr. Young Yang Chung and a Legacy of Embroidery, 21 septembre 2014



 Dr. Young Yang Chung and a Legacy of Embroidery

21 septembre 2014, à 14h00



DR. YOUNG YANG CHUNG in conversation with:

LEE TALBOT, Associate Curator of Eastern Hemisphere Textiles, The Textile Museum, Washington, DC

KATHERINE ANNE PAUL, Curator, Arts of Asia, Newark Museum


Dr. Young Yang Chung is a world-renown authority on textile history and embroidery. Her numerous publications are invaluable references for the field, and she has taught and exhibited work throughout the world—from Korea and Japan to Tehran and Cairo as well venues in Europe and the Americas. Throughout her career, she has used her knowledge of embroidery to positively impact people’s lives. In the 1960s, she opened Korea’s first vocational embroidery center, which taught young women a marketable skill during this difficult economic period. In 2004, she founded the Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, and in 2011 she established the Seol Won Foundation, which seeks to advance knowledge of the textile arts while promoting cultural understanding between peoples in the East and West. The conversational format of this “Talk with a Treasure” will unfold the fascinating trajectory of her life through personalized stories linked with the Newark Museum’s holdings.

This inaugural event celebrates the silver anniversary of the Museum’s Korean Gallery. Re-installed for this anniversary, Korea, Land of the Diamond Mountains will feature 60 works that represent the Museum’s holdings of nearly 500 Korean objects, showcasing the power and majesty of Korean art over the centuries. A limited-time viewing of an embroidered Korean bridal gown and five rare folding screens will also be featured.




Newark Museum

49 Washington Street

Newark, NJ 07102



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