Exposition : Nam June Paik Archives: Rhineland, my artistic Heimat, 30 septembre 2014


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Jusqu’au 30 septembre 2014


<Nam June Paik Archives: Rhineland, my artistic Heimat>, traces the meetings and events that prove active interaction between Paik and some other big names in German art world that influenced paik’s life and art work. Remained records in Rheinland area, including hand writings, letters, motion pictures and film, therefore, provide foundation to review the existence and meaning at present.


The exhibition includes personal collection of Wulf Herzogenrath who introduced Paik to the world, fluxes artist Manfred Leve, paik’s critic Moritz Pickshaus, Stephan von Wiese at Museum Kunst Palast AFORK and Barbara Wien at Tomas Schmit archive. Also, personal records from Paik’s disciples Ivo Dekovic, ricardo wende are presented. Moreover, date from sohm archive of Staatsgalarie Stuttgart collection willo provide a new retrospect view to Paik’s early activities. Presented data in exhibition will be the antagonist that illuminate Paik as an artist of the century.

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