Exposition : Meekyoung Shin’s Cabinet of Curiosities, The National Centre for Craft & Design

Copyright Meekyoung Shin

Copyright Meekyoung Shin

Cabinet of Curiosities is at The National Centre for Craft & Design

until 2 November 2014

From a distance they may look like glass or ceramic, but get closer and the smell of Meekyoung Shin’s soap sculptures give themselves away. Earlier this year the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) was home to one of the artist’s Toilet Project pieces which saw soap busts placed in public WCs around the country. Now the NCCD welcomes more of Shin’s work for Cabinet of Curiosities including a film of the making process and the opportunity for members of the public to handle a piece.


The exhibition further explores the question of artistic and cultural ‘translation’, so central to Shin’s practice, in relation to the act of collection-building.


The exhibition is held at:

 Navigation Wharf

 Carre Street




 NG34 7TW

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