The Korean cyber-museum collection at the Danish National Museum

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The extensive collection of Korean traditional artefacts at The Danish National Museum has now been made available to the public in a cyber-museum which showcases the various objects.

The Korean collection at the Danish National Museum is one of the largest Korean collections in the Western world, and it features artworks, cultural artefacts and a traditional Korean house (Sarangbang) which the Korean Government donated to the Danish National Museum in 1966. The collection attracts a lot of visitors and it gives great insight into Korean history and folk heritage. But with the new online museum, the collection will be accessible to both researchers and a much wider audience throughout the world.

The cyber-exhibition is available both in Korean, Danish and English, and it features a large gallery of more than 420 artefacts, including the largest foreign collection of folk paintings by Choseon Dynasty painter Gisan Kim Jun-geun, comprising 90 artworks. The collection of artefacts is accessible through a database with pictures and descriptions of the various objects, and furthermore the museum features an introduction to Korean rites and traditional customs.

The ‘cyber gallery’ is a collaboration between the Danish National Museum and The National Folk Museum of Korea which has investigated the extensive collection in order to document the Korean artefacts. The Danish National Museum, which is located in Copenhagen, is Denmark’s largest museum for cultural history and the exhibitions cover the history of both Danish and foreign cultures. The Korean collection has steadily increased since the first objects were acquired in 1853 for the then Ethnographic Museum, and the current collection is a result of cultural exchanges with Korean museums as well as purchases and donations from private collectors.

To visit the cyber-museum go to:


Source: Denmark in Korea

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