Exposition : « The Geumgwanchong Tomb (tombe de la Couronne d’or) and King Isaji », National Museum of Korea


« The Geumgwanchong Tomb and King Isaji »


National Museum of Korea, Seoul

8 July – 28 September 2014


The National Museum of Korea recently discovered – during the conservation treatment of an ancient ring-pommel sword unearthed at the Geumgwanchong Tomb (Gold Crown tomb, tombe de la Couronne d’or)  in 1921 – the words “King Isaji” (尒斯智王  이사지왕) engraved on the scabbard. Historians regard the discovery as important because it is the first such discovery at a tomb of ancient Silla.

This exhibition presents a brief introduction to the archaeological surveys of the Geumgwanchong Tomb conducted during the Japanese occupation period and displays for the first time since its excavation the ring-pommel sword engraved with the name of King Isaji.


Epée à pommeau trilobé avant restauration, époque Silla

Epée à pommeau trilobé avant restauration, époque Silla


Inscription 尒斯智王  이사지왕," Roi Isaji"

Inscription 尒斯智王  이사지왕, « Roi Isaji »


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