Ouvrage : New Perspectives on Early Korean Art: From Silla to Koryŏ

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Early Korea Project Occasional Series

New Perspectives on Early Korean Art: From Silla to Koryŏ

University of Hawai’i Press, 2013


Edited by Youn-mi Kim

Series Editor, Mark E. Byington


This volume includes discussion of a variety of artworks, ranging from gold adornments found in Silla tombs to Koryŏ Buddhist paintings scattered in modern museum and private collections, that provide insight into the religious practices, aesthetics, cross-cultural exchanges, and everyday life of the people who made, used, appreciated, and circulated them. Based on thorough investigations of these artworks, their social context, and related texts, the five chapters in this book elucidate the cross-cultural interactions between the peoples and regions of Korea, China and South and Southeast Asia during the Silla to Koryŏ periods.



Table of contents

« Iconography, Technique, and Context in Koryŏ Buddhist Paintings » by Chung Woothak

« Seeing Maitreya: Aspiration and Vision in an Image from Early Eighth-Century Silla » by Rhi Juhyung

« (Dis)assembling the National Canon: Seventh-Century « Esoteric » Buddhist Ritual, the Samguk yusa, Sach’ŏnwang-sa » by Youn-mi Kim

« The Development of Koryŏ Porcelain and the Chinese Ceramic Industry in the Tenth Century » by Jang Namwon

« The Gold Jewerly of Ancient Silla: Syncretism of Northern and Southern Asian Cultures » by Joo Kyeongmi




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